Sean O'Brian

A Modern Day Knight


Sean was one of Those kids. A bully, a troublemaker and a Hellraiser. But with some fatherly advice and a good slap in the face that make him truly Believe in God, he ended up changing his ways. These days, its not really that he is trying to make up for his past (although it is certainly a motivator) so much that he has discovered a new respect for life and the people around him. He joined the military because he heard it would help him learn a little discipline. He joined the Marines because there was not point in just going half assed, right?

The Military suited Sean. It wasn’t so much the fighting as it was that he usually felt like he was in the right place at the right time. His instincts are impeccable, and he felt something was very wrong on that fateful day that he lost his leg, but orders were orders. When the that IED went off, he was able to rescue the other 3 people who had been in the vehicle with him. He doesn’t remember how, but he had been using both his legs, heaving people out of the shredded and burning jeep. He had been using both his legs: even though his foot had been blown off and the shin bone had been shattered to the knee…

These days Sean is going to UCSC getting his Masters in Psychology. He volunteers at the homeless shelter 3 days a week, and he also has an internship where he councils vets suffering from PTSD.

Sean O'Brian

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