Ronald Walters

Uncle Sam’s Arcane Spook


Oh, the things that you know, the things that you wish you didn’t know.. and how they have jaded you.

Agent Walters works for the SCP Foundation. They have over 2000 cells for every supernatural being and items that may cause unexplainable events. (See examples of case file below)
Case file SCP-343
Certain branches of the US government are far more aware of the supernatural than what the general community is willing to admit to themselves. The SCP is also dedicated to finding potential Wizards and recruiting them before they are discovered by the White Council.

He has one living family member left. She is the great granddaughter of his youngest sister and she lives in Santa Cruz. She doesn’t know that Walters even exists, but he drops in from time to time to keep an eye on her whenever he takes a “vacation”. She is an elementary school teacher in Capitola. He ended up buying a trailer out in the woods near the earth node (foolish locals call it “The Mystery Spot”), since he goes there often enough. He is currently on one of those so called vacations now.

Ronald Walters

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