Kennith Rait

Man of Many Smiles


Kennith is a White Court Vampire from the family Raith. Several years ago, his twin brother William fell in love and turned away from the family. His mother gave him the option that he could either kill his brother or die with him. Kennith went with Plan C. He was able to successfully rescue his brother and William’s wife, at the cost of the deaths of a few of their cousins.

He had always found that the politics of his cousin, Thomas, were daring but admirable. Now, Kennith and William find themselves in Santa Cruz as the owners of a bar called The Red Room. According to the public, there is only one owner, since they masquerade as the same person. When Kennith is not running (and snacking) at the bar, he is patrolling the streets of SC, protecting the city from other denizens of the dark. He found that he actually enjoys it, but it is done out of necessity. It is the job that he agreed to in exchange for anonymity form the rest of the supernatural world. The Summer Court protects his secret and he protects their territory.

Kennith Rait

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