Cassandra Allerton

Art is in the Form


Cassandra chose UC Santa Cruz to pursue being an artist. She lives on campus in the Porter college apartments and she feels quite at home there. During her first quarter, she spent a night in the forest and came back forever changed and with a greater understanding of what could be found in the world. She wanted to share her new and terribly exciting gift with her housemates, and they became her pride. For whatever reason, they are not quite as adept at keeping the alternate form, and Cassandra often feels more like a mother cat than a leader. They seem to need her protection, but they are a good and loyal group.

For her whole life, Cassandra has been told that she is beautiful. However, it has often brought more attention than she ever wanted. It’s not that she doesn’t like what she sees in the mirror, but sometimes she wishes things were different. Being beautiful is mostly not worth the problems it brings. There are benefits too, and she often gets things because of it. But she tries to be conscientious about not abusing it, or taking advantage of men just because she can.

Cassandra Allerton

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