Chapter 2: Fate is a funny and fickle thing. After saving the world last winter from terrible creatures of nightmare, things have been quiet for you and your compatriots within the Paranet of Santa Cruz. But you know things are about to change when the local Brownie shows back up. He speaks of prophesies, legends and Camelot?!

Beautiful beaches, unique tourist attractions, historical land marks, hippies, Knights, Cyber-horses, swashbuckling, puzzles and maybe even a dragon awaits you in this fantastic tale of saving the world! …again. Allies and enemies will be found in every corner. Will you be able to cross worlds, oceans, and cultural divides before it’s too late?

Characters will be provided by the GM, with some tweaking. Beginners are welcome, but there might be some spoilers up to the Dresden Files, book 9. Not having knowledge to that point in the books could also cause some confusion. While this game is a continuing story, players brand new to the story are welcome.
**WARNING! This is set in the Dresden world, but I have taken a few liberties with interpretations and settings. As long as you are not offended by a creative take on the Dresden (and other) mythos, we will get along just fine _.

Ages 17+ for mature themes.
CHAR:Provided LVLS:Up to your waist-submerged

Withering of the Great Ash Tree